My Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

My App Concept for mobile Devices

I have chosen the most relevant medical topics for different groups of population and make them available as apps on mobile devices.

App Contents is rigorously created by me without any usage of medical terminology.

I always present the latest discoveries on the detection of state of health and disease.

The Apps offer easily understandable tests, which make it possible for you to quickly perform self-diagnosis and get orientation on the spot.

Furthermore, my Apps contain practical recommendations for disease prevention and non-traditional self-help.

At the same time, you get a list of concrete situations which require a visit to a doctor.

Based on the information above, you are put in a position to properly present your problems at the appointment with a doctor. This way, the quality of dialog with the doctor is significantly increased.

The Apps give you information about required diagnostic actions in a timely fashion. With the acquired knowledge, you get motivated and mobilized for the treatment process.

Moreover, I describe very entertaining stories in the Apps from my practical work with patients. They may help you behave properly in similar situations.

The information is available to anyone in possession of a Smartphone (like iPhone) or a Tablet (like iPad). You can access it even in areas without internet connection: when you are abroad, on board of a plane, on the train etc.

You can use my practical recommendations any time and anywhere. Just come back to the interesting pages of my apps.

The clever connection of medicine and computer science accompanied by my practical medical experience will make it possible for you to approach health-related problems in a new way.

I wish you good health

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