App “Lose Weight” for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

In this App, I present you complete information about Excess Weight in a concise way.

The information is based on the current state of research and my personal practical experience as a doctor.

Genuine and entertaining stories from my patients’ real lives expect you in the App!

I will help you shed light on the topic “Lose Weight” for yourself.

You will find out, if and how you can help yourself; if you need to visit a doctor and which questions to ask at the appointment.

This way, you conversation with the doctor will become much more efficient.

In the App I will tell you in a clear and concise way:

1 – why it is important for you to set a personal goal to lose weight,

2 – reasons that lead to body mass increase,

3 – principles and sense of a special diet,

4 – secrets of non-traditional methods to lose weight.

I prepared the App Contents personally for you without using medical terminology.

The information is original, precise and stood the test of time.

Get the App on your mobile device and always carry my recommendations with you.

This works also in areas without internet connection (for instance, when you are on the plane, abroad, on the train, in a tunnel etc.)

Take advantage of my original concept “Dr. Bargak on your mobile device”!

Use the App on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

I look forward to your App Ratings and Comments in the Apple App Store.

Have fun!

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