App “Diabetes Acupuncture with Grain: Self-Treatment”

You can download the App from the iTunes Store:

✓ Lower the blood sugar on your own with the Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture with Grain
✓ Easily find the right acupuncture point every day using short and simple video clips
✓ Achieve a great effect while spending only 10 minutes time a day

The self-treatment in the App helps with the Diabetes Types I and II. It is perfectly suitable to lower the blood sugar on your own as:

★ You do not need to spend time visiting a doctor.
★ You do not need to spend a considerable amount of money.
★ There is no danger of being hurt, infected or experiencing pain.
★ You perform the acupuncture not with a needle but with a grain that you can buy from an organic grocery shop in your area.
★ You achieve a longer-lasting effect than with the needle acupuncture.

Every day, the App presents you an acupuncture point, which you can easily find using a simple video clip. The corresponding massage is also explained using a short video.

The overall order of the points was personally developed by myself to lower your blood sugar. The treatment is original and stood the test of time.

Download the App on your iPhone, iPad or iPad and carry the Acupuncture-Helper always with you. It works also in areas without internet connection (on the airplane, abroad, in tunnel, on the train etc).

I look forward to your App Reviews and Feedback.


Your Dr. Bargak

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